Here at ForTheLaunch we want to show the world space tourism is here. Several companies around the world offer zero gravity flights today, letting you experience weightlessness. Also more and more companies are working on ways to bring you to space or near space. With For The Launch you can explore all these options in a way similar to the sites we all use for booking regular flights.

Get ready, because the dream of experiencing weightlessness and space travel starts here.

What we are about

Our goal at FTL is to educate the world about space tourism. We start by showing all the options.
Dreams start here. And they start by picking your favorite zero gravity or space flight.
Looking for the latest news on commercial space flight? We got your back.


It helps to have money when you want to go to space, no doubt about that. Just like the first airplane flights weren’t for everybody, space travel is not cheap. However prices are dropping fast. Over the next couple years several companies will fly up to space on a daily base and prices will drop fast.
If you want to experience zero gravity, you can already do this for a less than $5000.
Yes, you do. But it’s part of the astronaut experience. Usually it’s a day of training at or near the space port. It’s all included in the prices we have listed.
For zero gravity flights you do not need training. You will get some instructions beforehand.
At this point we focus on education and comparing. By showing you all the options with an easy to use website, you know within minutes what’s happening in space tourism. We will direct you to the website of the space flight company of your choice.