Flight listing

  • $75.000

    World View Experience

    The World View voyager takes you 100,000 feet (20 miles above earth) up in the sky. Not all the way up to space, but high enough to witness breathtaking views of the curvature of the earth against the backdrop of the universe. You will stay up here to enjoy the

  • $150.000

    XCOR Aerospace

    UPDATE JUNE 2017: XCOR Aerospace has laid off all of its employees Fly with the XCOR Lynx Mark II up to space. More than 100 kilometers above Earth. After reaching space you will glide down back to our planet in 40 minutes. All of this includes a 3-night stay in

  • $unknown

    Blue Origin

    Fly to space with the New Shepard space vehicle by Blue Origin. But first there is your training. Two days before your flight, you’ll travel to the New Shepard launch site in West Texas. You can bring some guests. Your training includes mission and vehicle overviews, in-depth safety briefings, mission

  • $25.000.000

    Bigelow Aerospace

    Bigelow Next-Generation Commercial Space Station is the world’s first space hotel. You can get as much room on this space station as you need. The price for a two-month lease of one-third of a module (approximately 110 cubic metres) will be 25 million dollars. The Commercial Space Station does rely

  • $45.000.000

    International Space Station

    Only a handful of space tourists have lived among astronauts in the International Space Station. You will fly up with two astronauts before boarding the space station. You get to spend 7 to 11 days on board on one of the greatest technological wonders. A Soyuz TMA spaceship will lift

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