VSS Unity

Virgin Galactic 6 months away from sending Richard Branson to space

Today Business Insider wrote about some interesting news coming straight from Richard Branson himself. The CEO of Virgin Galactic was a guest at the Nordic Business Forum in Helsinki, Finland last week. There he gave a timeline that is still very much in line with reports that we received earlier this year. “We are hopefully

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Launch Blue Origin

Blue Origin taking tourists to space within 18 months

This week CNN revealed a new time schedule for Blue Origin’s rocket New Shepard. Bob Smith, CEO of the space company, talked about their planning at the first meeting of the National Space Council. The council was reestablished back in June. “Within the next 18 months we’re going to be launching humans into space,” said

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Bloon - Zero 2 Infinity

Zero 2 Infinity releases final design of their Bloon space pod

Back in January we saw the first prototype of Zero 2 Infinity’s space pod. Now the Spanish private space company brings us plenty of new details of their patented pod. The pressurized pod, named Bloon, was designed together with the Barcelona School of Design and Engineering Elisava. This first ever European space pod will be

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Feather flight

First feather flight for Virgin Galactic

Image by Virgin Galactic Back in December we saw Virgin Galactic make their first successful glide flight when the VSS Unity glided down from 50,000 feet above the Mojave Desert. In the morning of May 1st we saw another first for Richard Branson’s space tourism company Virgin Galactic. The mothership WhiteKnightTwo left from Mojave Air

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Falcon Heavy

The Moon and space tourism: A brief history

With Elon Musk announcing last month that his company SpaceX will fly two private citizens to the Moon and back, a whole new chapter opens up for lunar space tourism. Sure you can experience what’s it like to be weightless during a zero gravity flight. Maybe even fly to actual space, in a couple of

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World View Experience

What to expect from space tourism in 2017

Image by Virgin Galactic Last year was not a bad year for space tourism, with Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity making its first successful glide flight and Blue Origin’s reusable rocket New Shepard making a couple more trips. Luckily 2017 however is looking to make a much bigger impact. And it’s about time. Virgin Galactic will

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