Blue Origin

Blue Origin launched and landed for the fourth time

On June 19th Blue Origin managed to launch its reusable rocket New Shepard with a payload in its capsule for the fourth time. After reaching sub-orbital space, the rocket and capsule landed safely. The main goal for the flight was to see how the capsule would perform with two of its three parachutes deployed. After

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Swiss Space Systems

S3 starts selling tickets for 2017 zero gravity flights

Swiss Space Systems (S3) has announced its world tour of zero gravity flights. There are ten inauguration flights scheduled in 2016 that are already fully booked. But plenty of places left for 2017 that can be booked starting today! The Airbus A340-300 that will be used for the zero gravity flights will visit over 15

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World View Experience

World View raises $15 million in extra funding

World View Enterprises, best known for their near space experience, has managed to raise $15 million in a Series B funding round. The round includes investments from Norwest Venture Partners, Tencent, Moment Ventures and Base Ventures. The money will go towards the development of their commercial balloons, also known as Stratollites. These high-altitude balloons can

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Welcome to For The Launch. A website that lists every zero gravity and spaceflight out there. Still some work to do, so stay tuned for our official launch in the winter of 2016. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter @forthelaunch #getready

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