How to fly in zero gravity in 2018

Image by Zero-G Over a thousand people will experience weightlessness all over the world in 2018. There are big zero gravity operators in North-America, Russia and Europe. With prices ranging from $5000 to $8000, the costs of flying in zero gravity has pretty much stayed the same compared to last year. Below you will find

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Falcon Heavy

The Moon and space tourism: A brief history

With Elon Musk announcing last month that his company SpaceX will fly two private citizens to the Moon and back, a whole new chapter opens up for lunar space tourism. Sure you can experience what’s it like to be weightless during a zero gravity flight. Maybe even fly to actual space, in a couple of

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World View Experience

What to expect from space tourism in 2017

Image by Virgin Galactic Last year was not a bad year for space tourism, with Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity making its first successful glide flight and Blue Origin’s reusable rocket New Shepard making a couple more trips. Luckily 2017 however is looking to make a much bigger impact. And it’s about time. Virgin Galactic will

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