Big Falcon Rocket

SpaceX sending first space tourist to the Moon

Image by SpaceX In February of 2017 SpaceX announced they would send two individuals on a lunar mission. They would fly on board of the Falcon Heavy to the Moon and back. This was scheduled to happen in 2018. Things got quiet after that. Until this month. Out of nowhere SpaceX published a link to

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2018: a big year for spacetourism

Spacecraft Unity – Image by Virgin Galactic As 2017 comes to an end, it’s time to look forward and see what 2018 will bring us. Looking at the space companies own time schedules, 2018 will be a giant year for spacetourism. Let’s see where they actually stand and what we can realistically expect. “We are

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Falcon Heavy

The Moon and space tourism: A brief history

With Elon Musk announcing last month that his company SpaceX will fly two private citizens to the Moon and back, a whole new chapter opens up for lunar space tourism. Sure you can experience what’s it like to be weightless during a zero gravity flight. Maybe even fly to actual space, in a couple of

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